Changes at State Board

They are having to do nails at State Board for Barber license and you still have to do the mannequin head to an ur model so it will take a while so make sure y’all ready when you go cause stuff changes fast 😂 who knows the written exam might change next 😁😂


Texas weather

It raining bad right now an it’s not really cold out there but it was cold yesterday Texas weather is weird you have to stay ready for it cause it will change on you fast Have you going to work in a coat get off it be hot as hell 😂


Sometimes I wonder why I’m working the UPS job they keep cutting our hours .An the supervisors want you to do extra work and if you don’t they want to send you home, A bunch of fuckery going on up there.The supervisor promised me a new position on the slide sorting boxes and bags he coming up there getting me to load trailers he didn’t keep it real with me I haven’t been on my sorting job in 3weeks .